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Project Runway Icons

Make It Work!

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This community is for displaying icons of everything to do with Project Runway! Anyone can join and you can post as often as you would like! We have weekly icon contests, so before you enter, please read the rules!


1. RESPECT the other members. Don't bad mouth them or their creations. They work just as hard as you do to make their icons and deserve praise!

2. Don't steal. Claiming something that is not yours is against the law. You don't want to be a law breaker, do you?

3. Give credit whenever you use someone else's icon. Click here for an example of what giving credit looks like.
(The picture shows the form you use to upload user pics. Make sure you put in the maker's user name!)

4. Use an lj-cut whenever you are posting more than three icons. For how-to, visit: LJ FAQ.

5. You may make multi-fandom posts as long as you do not place samples of the other fandoms on this community.

6. Every post must include at least one icon (unless you are requesting!). There are other communities for PR chat. (IE: projectrunway)



1. Contests will run bi-weekly. Life gets busy and some people just can't get it done every week!

2. Icons must follow LJ guidelines: 100x100px and 40kb.

3. Maximum number of icons will vary from challenge to challenge.

4. Pictures are COMPLETELY up to you as long as they remain within subject guidelines.

5. Animation is allowed ONLY in animation challenges.

6. Do not post or share your icons anywhere until specified challenge is over.

7. All icons must be original.

8. Teamwork is allowed, but all icons submitted must be by BOTH team members.

9. Voting will take place for one week after all entires have been received.

10. Only members can participate in contests.